Method of drying – convective (energy carrier – water vapor). Energy source – natural gas.

    Type of packaging – depending of Customer needs.

    Now plant is undergoing certification for FSSC 22000.

    The production equipment includes the following main components:

    – stones removal equipment;

    – abrasive cleaning;

    – universal cutting machine Urschel;

    – blanching machine;

    – drying machine (total area 60 m2);

    – universal washing machine;

    – core removal (paprika pepper);

    – drum sorter for seed removal;

    – metal detector;

    – semi-automatic weighing station with a packing module for variety of packaging options:

    • Craft paper bag;
    • Craft paper bag with food laminating / polyethylene liner;
    • Carton box with polyethylene liner;
    • Polypropylene bag with polyethylene liner.

    High-tech equipment allows remotely monitor and control the quality of the product at each stage of production.