Dried vegetables and fruits
    from the producer in Ukraine

    Dried vegetables and fruits

    our products

    • celery root
    • parsnip root
    • onions
    • leeks
    • garlic
    • beet
    • hot paprika
    • sweet paprika (red and green)
      • dried mushrooms, peppers
      • cabbage
      • cauliflower
      • eggplant
      • carrot
      • zucchini
      • watermelon
      • peas
      • fruit (pid replacement)

    In foods production OOO ErdKraft uses the raw material from environmentally friendly regions of Ukraine. There were established the relations with major suppliers of vegetables and fruits of Odessa, Nikolaev and Kherson regions.

    Next year the factory is planning to double the production of dried vegetables and fruits.

    Dried vegetables are produced in the form of powder, slices and pieces. Fruits are produced in slices, pieces of various fractions and in powder. Pre-packing: vacuum or standard packaging (a vacuum polypropylene bag with a liner bag of food polyethylene)

    ErdKraft advantages

    Міжнародні стандарти
    International standards
    The plant is undergoing certification for ISO 22000.
    Production complex
    Production complex
    The plant is equipped with a new processing line from Bigtem, a world leader in the production of equipment for drying agricultural products.
    Modern production
    Modern production
    On the territory of the plant there is a modern laboratory for control of raw materials and finished products
    moisture is lost
    during processing
    useful substances
    stored during drying
    tons of finished products
    produced monthly

    For whom



    ErdKraft is ready to produce large volumes of dried vegetables for businesses



    Eco snacks for families and households



    ErdKraft can supply dried vegetables 12 months/year. Ideal for menu composing.

    Private Label


    Snack manufacturing for supermarkets and healthy food networks

    Our goal

    to become a standard of quality and useful dried products in Ukraine

    OOO ErdKraft is an innovative project for Ukraine in the field of processing the agricultural products.The Company was founded in 2018, aiming to produce the high-quality dried vegetables and fruits from ecological raw materials.The technological process and technical infrastructure of the factory is unique and for the time being they have no analogue in our country. Production facilities allow processing up to 700 tons of raw materials, and it is not a limit, and, what’s important, as in large bulk so by small batches, depending on customer’s wishes. Minimum lot of the order for dried vegetables and fruits is 20 kg. We receive orders for manufacturing the variety of dried products from customer’s raw materials or for processing vegetables and fruits. For example, we deal with washing, brushing, slicing, thermal treatment, sorting and vacuuming, and a lot of other operations as well which are carried out on the modern equipment. This allows being flexible in Company’s interacting with customers. Dried vegetables and fruits from ErdKraft is the guarantee of high quality which has been confirmed by international certificates. Currently, the factory has been already certified as per KOSHER,  ISO 22000, VEGAN, BIO